Fact Sheet on Recovery from a Traumatic Brain Injury

A former loan officer and now a manager for eBridgeBuilder, John Constantinides is an expert at nurturing relationships with return clients as well as new ones. After his wife suffered a brain injury, John Constantinides created the Demetra Brain Recovery Foundation to help those coping with similar traumas.

In the event that a loved one suffers a traumatic brain injury (TBI), the natural response of family members is to inquire about the long-term effects and expected length of recovery. According to an article published by the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center, knowing certain facts can help families better understand the recovery process.

-Recovery time is largely based on the severity of the injury.
-The largest steps in improvement will occur around six months following the injury.
-Brain injury is a somewhat new area of study, making it difficult to predict effects over the longer term.
-Most individuals continue to show increasing abilities two years following the injury.
-Secondary problems such as brain swelling differ substantially from person to person.
-About 34 percent of patients require supervision during the day or night.

For more information about TBI and other traumatic injuries, visit msktc.org.

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