Saint Demetrios Cathedral of Astoria Celebrates 86 Years

As the manager of New York-based eBridgeBuilder, which works closely with real estate professionals, John Constantinides manages and trains its sales staff and develops sales techniques. Outside of the office, John Constantinides is actively involved in his church, Saint Demetrios Cathedral of Astoria.

Established in 1927, the Greek Orthodox church opened a school on its campus in 1967 with almost 300 students and now has a pre-kindergarten-through-high-school program that educates more than 700 Greek American students. In November 2013, Saint Demetrios Cathedral of Astoria celebrated its 86th anniversary.

The celebration, held at the Terrace on the Park in Flushing, New York, began with a night of opera, followed by a religious festival, and capped off with a luncheon. A highlight of the festivities was the presentation of the Odyssey Award to Friar John Antonopoulos for his 46 consecutive years of service to the community. This award is the highest prize given by the church to those ministering to the faithful.

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